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Mayak Sp. z o.o. offers employers the opportunity to complement their employment with additional, qualified employees. As a result, Mayak’s clients can successfully implement planned projects without the need of hiring new employees and incurring additional long-term commitments.

Mayak Sp. z o.o. comprehensively deals with arranging all the necessary formalities (work permits, health and safety training, medical examinations), the recruitment process and staff servicing in the field of accommodation and transport in the workplace.

At Mayak, we follow the principle to optimally match the employee’s capabilities to the specific needs of the clients. Mayak Sp. z o.o. focuses on the satisfaction of both the employers and the employees.

Mayak Sp. z o.o.

Mayak Study is a project carried out by Mayak Sp. z o.o., offering foreign students the opportunity to obtain an education in Poland.

Mayak Study recruits students for Polish universities and colleges, offers extensive consultations during the recruitment process and during studies, mediates in the recruitment process for universities (documents and formalities), helps in acclimatization in Poland, as well as in the search for a flat.

All Mayak Study clients can take advantage of a Polish language course (level B1) provided by professional teachers.

The Mayak Study team takes every effort to facilitate recruitment to universities in Poland and to make the time spent by students in our country as effective as possible.

Mayak Study

"Mayak Study provides comprehensive recruitment services for Polish universities and colleges from all the formalities related to entering the student list, to assistance in looking for a flat or a dorm."

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  • Mayak Ltd.
    NIP 6762515622
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    KRS 0000643610
  • HQ: Ul. Zachodnia 89, 32-089 Bębło
    Office: Ul. Balicka 125B, 30-149 Kraków
  • + 48 501 380 975
  • biuro@mayakstudy.pl

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